Are cory and erika from range time dating

Range Time with Cory & Erika (spoiler, Erika has got cheeks) vid

Good write up and good page. Even when our jobs called for it, range time was rare. I never claim more than I am. That means I served during that time but did not serve in Vietnam. You did what you could. Similarly a lack of government service but a list of high profile courses taken is not a rubber stamp of performance and teaching ability. I was entertained by the amount of guys on Facebook who thought a note of support would cause Amy Jane to ask them out on a date or those who signed up for a class with Cory and Erika to watch her shoot a rifle in the prone from behind with short-shorts on.

You should go a little bit farther. So you may have a lot of fakers who were honorably discharged. From my experience you have the grunts and the rest are glorified DMV employees. Just take some notes and hit the internet to see if the units are real and what they tell you makes sense. Or ask a trusted prior service relative or friend. Cory and Erika were people who were going to get someone killed well before this came out.

He is a liar who needs to be actively denounced. I hear prison bitch is coming out with a new product this year. Rumer is that he tracked down the first guy to butt rape him and made a mold of his junk. Reviewing the number of range accidents around the world the Police and Military top the list! Lets get real we live in a high litigation society which in the end is not that bad, you screw up you pay the bills. Nothing in the post about whether or not the mentioned trainers were good at what they did, just that they lied about their military service to promote themselves. This does not necessarily disqualify someone as an incompetent trainer.

I never went into the military. But you bet I have some real respect for those that did. It sickens me to see another man be a fraud and steal honor from a man that earned it. Throw the fakers away into jail. Thank you for bringing up captain save a ho. This is a big problem today in our culture where weak minded men will stand up for a woman and hand out a pussy pass to a chick thats out of line.

How anyone can think that they can run this kind of grift in the electronic age is beyond me. And I am still waiting for that review of Parmanti Bros sammich! You are so right on so many levels. Stolen valor is no joke. Any piece of beep that claims they have served to advance their career or on line image is a freaking joke. You wrote a great post here. I plan on sharing in on Facebook.

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You put a lot of thought into this and I dig it. However this stolen valor business is pretty low. Time and money for good training is scarce and I read more than YouTube for tips on shooting better. Looking forward to more of your no BS posts Andrew. All I am getting from this article is that no one trusts any instructors that post videos to Youtube. It seems to be the kiss of death.

Are cory and erika from range time dating

A lot of armchair generals here with no combat experience trying to punk out a bunch of other armchair generals with minimal at best combat experience. Hell, even the guys everyone looked up to at one time are catching it from all sides now. The Beard and Haley most notably. I care not how well trained someone thinks they are, until he is proven on the 2 way range, he is not to be trusted. Guess who gets my money?

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The guys who know what the hell they are talking about. Idk how reliable it is, but in , it was reported that US troops fired , rounds per insurgent killed. How are we supposed to tell the difference between those who fought well and those who merely survived? I think it makes more sense to take a class from a civilian with demonstrable abilities than a combat veteran with unverifiable experience. Of course, the ideal trainer would have both skill and real world experience.

So many people here seem to be missing the point. Cory may be a great firearms instructor but his lying about his service calls into question every other claim he makes. No matter what the job is. I have seen another snake that is even worse. Then these individuals grow the beard, get the arm full of tats because that is what it take to be an operator and then start making money in the gun industry.

I was getting worried that one of the few sane voices in the FA world has vaporized. This was an amazing post. But to use fake Valor in anyway especially to gain wealth is an outrage and should be punished by law. I was a fan of Cory and enjoyed is training on youtube but this is the 2nt time iv heard of his fake Valor.

I will be checking this blog regularly great information. I know some relatively impoverished folks — who do good, dirty work and enjoy it — who get outraged at such things, military or not. And yes, there are such things. There is no substitute for a bit of pride in honest hard work no matter the field, and no stain so disagreeable as one from faking it. I really thought this article was spot on. I love that you mentioned Amy Jane and all the suckers who tried to be her savior.

It seems like her Stolen Valor got swept under the rug. Once she was caught she attempted to justify herself. Her letter explaining her actions was almost more insulting than her claiming the title of Marine, despite never graduating from boot camp. She is a superficial person who will lie to portray an image so long as she can profit from it. I sent her several emails trying to explain how offensive she has been to Marines who have earned the title.

When I came across your article a while back I sent her a link to it. Her response was typical of someone caught in a lie. Instead of trying to debate or explain herself, she resorted to the petty insult of telling me that I have no life.

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This is ana amazing article. I am actually a special operations instructor for a 3day bootcamp. No i have never served in the military ever. Couldnt pass doctors physical. But i have been trained in so many ways. Gives me the experience as a contractor to train. Wish i was able to go all the way. Some things just are not meant to be.

Stolen Valor Report: Range Time with Cory and Erika

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    are cory and erika from range time dating Are cory and erika from range time dating
    are cory and erika from range time dating Are cory and erika from range time dating
    are cory and erika from range time dating Are cory and erika from range time dating
    are cory and erika from range time dating Are cory and erika from range time dating
    are cory and erika from range time dating Are cory and erika from range time dating
    are cory and erika from range time dating Are cory and erika from range time dating
    are cory and erika from range time dating Are cory and erika from range time dating

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