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I Love Black Men, But the Love of My Life is Cuban-American

Dating a cuban american man Marriage. View Cart Checkout Continue Shopping. Or who allows them to have access to unemployment or child allowance? Disgusting as it may sound it happening and is happening. Because women like you allow it to happen. Their heart is always elsewhere else. They use you and lie to you because you maintain them but they are committed to another woman but playing you because it suites them for the time being. Accept it you were being used. What attracted you to a lazy man who uses women to live?

How could you love much lessrespect such a man? Cuban men are masters manipulation. Regardless of whether they are 'wet foot dry foot' as you refer to them. And regardless of whether they are 'Cuban Americano' or never set foot from the island. They are master liars and cheaters and users of women. My ex husband Ernesto from Santiago destroyed my life. I studied Music in Cuba. Have a Master's degree. We met in Santiago and he destroyed my life.

Cuban-american men: values and attitudes

He conned her, lied to her, and she believed him. All the time he was in Germany he kept emailing and texting me in London telling me how much she revolted him, how her crepey skin her wrinkles turned his stomach but he was biding his time until his papers came through. The day they did he flew to London, within a month I saw his true side.

He never worked, he went out to latin clubs every night. He cheated on me. He stole our baby's family allowance little that it was, so he could go out drinking with other women.

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When I challenged him he would punch me even when I was six months pregnant. I nearly lost our baby. He destroyed my life and it was only with the help of the police and an injunction for violence that I managed t get rid of him. He was the worst thing that ever happened in my life. A Santiago lazy loser. A violent cheating thug. I was in therapy for a year after I kicked him out. My total self esteem had gone. I was in depression.

Best think I did was kick him out before he damaged out daughter. Nov 20, Rating reply to anonymous by: Grace I do think your flogging a dead horse, as your man has had 10 years to get on, but he is still standing still, and yes, I do believe its inbred in them, as they havent really had good role models.

But, that is no excuse, as surely they would want to try and better themselves, but there is something that clogs their brains, that says.. Yes, families have a lot to do with it, ie different fathers, mothers etc, but they are not the only country that has these problems, so why should we even think to make allowances for them. You would think they want to better themselves, ie, wants their kids to grow up with values etc, but when they get a 'yuma' who does all their thinking, planning, and most importantly paying, what incentive does that give them to get on and better themselves.

You can lead to horse to water, but you can't make it drink, so, if the man doesn't want to better himself, or at least try, then its not worth wasting any more time on him.

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Susan I can sympathise with the orginal poster. I have been there and believe me it does not get better. If anything it gets a lot worse and your life ticks by and you are on a road to nowhere but poverty and misery. I met my Jinetero in Santiago de Cuba ten years ago. He put pressure on me to marry. I became pregnant so it seem like a good idea that my daughter have a father.

I am not earning a great deal, but since he came to London he has not done an honest day's work. He has played around the night salsa club scene like most Cuban men who do not want to work and prefer to sleep in till midday and collect social security and reply on their women for extra like cigarettes and beer.

He calls himself a D. I am home every night with my daughter, he is out on the town. I have told him that unless he gets himself a proper day job, a job that pays money and helps to support our daughter then he will have to return to Cuba because I am tired of supporting him. Had I not become pregnant I would never have married him and paid out the fortune it cost me to bring him here. To women on here take my advise, do not let them get you pregnant.

They see it as an air fare, passport and meal ticket out of Cuba. And a means to send money home to their dependents in Cuba at our expense. On the contrary my ex is a very hard worker and very opportunistic. He did though seem as though the world should always revolve around him and what was important to him.

He also seems quite disenfranchised with the economic downturn here in the US. As I stated in my previous post he recently broke up with me and claims to be going back to Cuba for good due to fmaily illness although everyone tells me that is next to impossible. To you I say that the "not wanting to work" thing does sound odd. Despite all other bad things I could say about my ex, he is a hard worker and seemed determined to get ahead in business more negocio but maybe a little jinetero, too. Nov 18, Rating 10 Year's? Silvana Teresa Hola, When my parent's immigrated to Canada after the 2nd world war it took them a matter of a few year's to get down to business in Canada and immediatey learn the way's of the land.

Now you tell me that Mr Cuba has been in the good old USA for ten year's and has not taken advantage of the freedom and opportunity's that are available to himque cojone's pasa aqui??? He is worse then the Cuban's in Cuba under Castro's Govn't. Now we all know that even Cuban's given the freedom and opportunity to better themselve's are still gente de mierda,no wonder Fidel has been in power all these year's,look at the kind of humanity he has to deal with. If your Mr Cuba has nothing to show for his 10 year's of opportunity,then he is just another lazy ASS jinetero and nothing at this point will change him,if you support him,then you are only proving to him that there is a sucker born every minute. It's not his past that he is wanting to relive, he want's you to give up your future to his warped and hopless way of life.

Take care, Silvana Teresa. Comments for Cuban-american men: Jun 05, Rating. Mar 14, Rating. Mar 12, Rating. Jan 15, Rating. This opened my eyes NEW by: Sep 07, Rating. A warning to women travelers going to guardalavaca NEW by: Jun 21, Rating. Cuban man big liars. Apr 05, Rating. American girl dating a Cuban NEW by: Apr 01, Rating. Nov 18, Rating. Fresh off the boat NEW by: Aug 24, Rating. Mar 13, Rating. Nov 06, Rating. Airport Transportation NEW by: Nov 02, Rating.

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Jun 19, Rating. Jun 06, Rating. This is my story too help me out lovelies NEW by: May 13, Rating.

Mar 04, Rating. Jan 06, Rating.

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