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I'm Christian, simple, smart and over thinker man, originally from Egypt and born as a Christian in a Christian family,I lived in NY, USA before Feel free to contact me and lets get to know each other, I know its not easy to find your soulmate but only God can do that so for myself I am giving it a try, thanks! You supposed to have a WhatsApp and facebook massager for us to make calls because I do not like wasting my time with scammers! Be Honest to yourself Hello everybody: I am christian man looking for a. Christian girl Ture love. As for the duration the relationship lasted offline, no pattern or norm could be worked out, as it ranged across the continuum, with the least being one day and the most being five years.

Five said they were still engaged in online- initiated relationships, taken offline. Females reported longer duration than their male colleagues. Most respondents reported their friends accepting their cyber-relationship. This was the case with 26 respondents, in contrast to 12 who said their friends did not accept their relationship.

Eight respondents indicated that they did not inform their friends of their relationship. Significant gender differences were present. Seventeen females in contrast to nine males reported their friends accepting the relationship. On the other hand, 6 males in comparison to 2 females reported they kept their friends unaware of the relationship. Most respondents 22 reported their families were unaware of their cyberrelationship. Fifteen respondents indicated their families did not accept their relationship, in contrast to 6 who reported they did. The only significant gender difference was that 10 females reported their families did not accept their relationship, in contrast to only 5 males.

Internet dating is now prevalent in Egypt, as more than half of the sample Internet addiction is an important issue where it comes to cyber-dating.

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For our purpose here we will use a middle ground average of 7 hours or more, as an indicator of internet addiction. In light of this, Hopefully, many may be addicted to the person in the relationship not to the medium. However, further research on addiction rates in Egypt is recommended, especially that internet here may be a new medium undergoing an experimental phase. Apparently both sexes do not take the medium seriously as a mode of forging serious relationships. Instead they view it as a medium for casual chatting and flirting between the sexes.

Again, this may be due to the medium's novelty, which renders them it still in an experimental phase. As for the gender differences in the types of relationships sought over the net, the fact that more females use it for causal on-line chatting with the opposite sex and prefer this over any other type of relationship, may for the first while seem ironic.

However, social and cultural reasons are at work here. Egypt is a fairly traditional society where dating, especially amongst youths is frowned upon. This social norm is more restrictive of female s than males. Thus, the net for many females may be the only outlet for forming any type of relationships with the opposite sex.

Another possible explanation of females' reported preference for forming casual online relationships may be reactivity. Many females feel it is taboo to admit they are actively seeking a relationship and would rather appear they did not.

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This also explains why more males than females admitted seeking on-line relationships. As for the significant difference between male and female pursuit of a short-term real life relationships through the net, once again social norms are at play. To many females, the social sanctions associated with public exposure outweigh the transit pleasure of a short term relationship.

On the other hand, the fact that more females than males sought long term serious relationship, is in line with gender role and social expectations. The reason females invest four times as much time as males in their online relationship, may be due to the fact that males have more liberty to engage in other activities such as going out, and FTF dating. However, more factors may be at play; such as a desire to escape parental supervision or not to keep the phone engaged during calling hours as most homes access t he internet through telephone lines.

Females are more positively affected by the internet,- compared to males,- where it comes to loneliness. This may be due to the fact that internet provides them with an outlet or a valve through which they can meet new people. Males on the other hand, enjoy more freedom and thus more opportunity to meet and engage in relations with others.

Although Egyptian social norms discourage cross-gender relationships particularly at the young age, these sane norms seem to tolerate if not encourage such behavior on part of males. Furthermore, most males experience peer pressure to form relationships with the opposite sex as a form of macho proof. Their ability to do so over the net, -especially if they had been unable to do so offline-, makes them experience an increase in self acceptance and self confidence, which may in turn translates into increased sociability. Where it comes to reasons for choosing to date through the internet, gender differences appear most manifest, for cultural and social reasons.

The aforementioned Egyptian double standard in crossgender relationship, appears to be behind most of the differences in gender justification for on -line dating. Many of the gender differences in the reasons why respondents resort to the internet for finding romance, are cultural. When it comes to the nature of online communications, technologically advanced modes of communications, such as video conferencing and voice chat, are unpopular.

Exchanging telephone numbers and photographs are also unpopular, -at least in the beginning,- because they erode the anonymous nature of the internet. Females are more adhe rent than males to the anonymity privilege of the internet, as they seem less likely to exchange photos, video confer, give out their phone numbers or disclose their identity. Again, this is the social value at play, as females are more discouraged than ma les to pursue cross gender relations. Youths appear to have developed an Arabic internet language, composed of Latin letters, and numerals to substitute for Arabic phonetics missing from the English language.

Thus, Egyptian youths may be using the medium differently than Westerners. Research had shown that women resort more than men to emoticon icons symbolizing emotions use in on-line relationships Morhan-Martin, , p. However, although emoticons were reportedly highly used, the study shows no pronounced differences between men and women where it comes to emoticon use.

Females evidently are more able to drop their guard, be themselves and share their emotions on the internet, than males. Thus, the anonymity factor described by McKeena affects them more.

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Again, this could be for the same aforementioned social pressures. Previous research, had indicated that it is the disclosure of feelings not of facts about oneself that brings intimacy and relationship satisfaction Mckeena, , p. Further research is needed to uncover the reason behind that. Many factors control whether or not the online relationship will go offline. Reasons why females do NOT take their relationships offline are very different from males'. The third expresses fear for reputation or fear of being manipulated by their partner due to their inexperience.

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This inexperience is resultant from their lack of opportunity to form relationships with the opposite sex, due to social restrictions. The reasons why youths choose to take their relationship offline vary significantly between the sexes. While females do it for emotional or sentimental reasons, such s falling in love or craving more intimacy, males do it for more medium-related reasons, such as getting bored with the medium. When it comes to taking the relationship off line and into a face to face setting, females appear to wait longer than males.

This is because of their lack of experience compared to males as well as the associated higher risk. After the relationship was launched online telephone conversations were usually held before the couple met offline McKeena, , p.

This was evidently demonstrated in this research. Ironically though, females seemed more inclined than males to venture off-line without this phase.

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Deep and meaningful off-line romantic relationships do form over the internet and become stable with time McKenna, , p. This was demonstrated as respondents reported their internet relationship continuing offline for periods as long as two, three and five years. Furthermore, many reported they were still involved in this particular relationship. One even indicated that she had become engaged to her partner and were now preparing for marriage.

Cyber-relationships are generally acceptable by peers, although they are kept safely hidden from families. This may indicate that with time they will become fully acceptable in the Egyptian society, as this generation grows up and become parents of another generation. The hypothesis was proven as more than half the original sample reported involvement in onlin e dating. Both sexes seemed to be involved in online dating, although for different reasons. This is validated in light of the fact that more males than females said the relationship increased their self-confidence.

A lack in self-confidence may have stemmed out of their inability to form or initiate off line romantic relationships, resulting into a greater lack of self confidence; thus forming a viscous circle.

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