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I have a few blazers that are a real thick wool too I just uploaded photos of the suits to the web, so I could put some links in here if needed Lastly, is there some book that I could get that would show me various suits and fashions from the 20s through the 50s?? I have a ton of old store catalogues but they don't have as much information as I would like. So, it's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to chat more soon! Thanks for any help you can offer me Martina.

How do you DATE a vintage suit 30s/40s/50s?

Apr 9, 2. I know there are others here who can help you far more than I can. Their vast stores of information are amazing. However, I can tell you that yes, suits were made of heavier wools back then I am pretty sure that skeletal lining pre-dates the war, as I have seen references to half lined and unlined suits from the 's.

As far as fashions, this link may help Apr 9, 3. Martina, this is a bit too broad a question to answer succinctly in one reply, as it would require an essay. Apr 9, 4.

5 Construction Clues for Dating Vintage Clothing

For US suits, one of the best ways to date the suit is via union labels. I'm getting together a handbook for dating vintage american suits. Eurozone is a little harder. I've found that german tailors were quite good at dating their creations, but the brits were a little shy in dating them. Again there are tips. Apr 9, 5. In the best of cases, old suits have address labels in the inside of the jackets' inner breast pocket. Sometimes, the maker or the owner has typed or handwritten the date that the suit was made or bought.

Apr 10, 6. Vintage Suit Photos -need dates Thanks for all the replies! I guess I should have been more specific. I know a fair amount about old suits but mostly based on number of buttons, lapel style, union label, pant belt loop style, zippers type, etc What I don't know is how to distinguish late 30s from mid 40s and mid 40s from late 40s and early 50s etc. Also, when did leather buttons start? What about nylon zippers?

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When did they start? When was the switch over from button flies to zipper flies?

1900's - The end of the Victorian era and the beginning of comfort

That's the sort of thing I'm trying to learn. First they sent me into Antiques and Collectibles, which of course had nothing. Then they sent me to the 'Fashion' section, which was mainly how to make and draw clothing.

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But I did find book on s Sears fashions nice photos but very few were of men AND of course, no 40s clothing and another book that simply had some line drawings. I came home home checked Amazon. The Complete Sourcebook" by John Peacock and that looks wonderful but of course it's not in stock. So does anyone have any suggestions as to some books that might have the kind of information that I am looking for?

Now that I've finally gotten the pictures online, I'd like to ask if anyone could take a look at them; all or some I'm trying to figure the dates on these suits, pants, and blazers. My guess is the s but I have no idea as to whether they are early or late 40s. AND the blue striped 8-button one I am clueless about I only know that it is old. Apr 10, 7. We LOVE to answer questions like these! It justifies our presence on the Fedora Lounge.

Linings don't help all that much in distinguishing late '30s suits from mid-'40s suits. For one thing, some older men in the '40s continued to buy suits with '30s or even '20s construction details and fabric weaves. I've run into late '40s custom-made suits or suits from midwestern haberdashers that were dead ringers for mid-'30s models.

These suits even had button flies. Apparently, some oldtimers couldn't give themselves over to zippers. In general, the best bet in distinguishing late '40s suits from their mid-'30s ancestors is in the placement of the jacket buttons. On most '30s double-breasted suits, the top two "nipple" buttons are higher-placed than on '40s suits. Apr 10, 8. The eight button strikes me as 60s. I may be wrong. Does it have boutonierre holes? A couple of the others look like probably 50s black 3pc and blue with drop loops. Those trousers are great though. The button fly ones with the twin button waistband!

How to Identify & Date Vintage Clothing : Vintage Style

The buttons Marc will confirm or deny Apr 10, 9. This jacket's from the s.

The narrow lapels and "Woolmark" label in the lining give it away: This jacket is from the late '60s or very early '70s. The upside-down peak on the wide lapel, as well as the chunky buttons, give it away. The pants are a '60s-'70s revival of a s style; the '30s version wouldn't be quite so tight-fitting in the thighs, and the waist would be higher. Also, the zipper looks newer. Very old zippers were almost always made by "Talon", and they say so. Newer zippers usually have "YKK" a Japanese zipper manufacturer stamped on them. Apr 10, The jacket's long, narrowish lapels, combined with a high-buttoning stance and narrow pocket flaps -- as well as trousers with a high Hollywood-style waist, a long fly, and legs that are loose at the thigh and taper at the knee -- mark this as a mid-to-late s suit.

The jacket below is from the late '60s. The fuzzy, sack-like material is typical of that era, and so is the lapel-and-pocket flap stitching and lack of any buttonholes. Long center or side vents also give it away. Baron Kurtz is absolutely right: The green faded to olive tan bakelite buttons on the fly give it away: Now this jacket below is intriguing. Except for the lack of an "British drape" from the shoulders down to the sides of the chest, its cut is nearly identical to that of late s double-breasted jackets.

Above - Publisher Edward Beale McLean wears a three-piece striped suit with a spread-collar shirt, Men's hats were usually worn depending on their class, with upper class citizens usually wearing top hats or a homburg hat. Middle class men wore either a fedora, bowler hat or a trilby hat. During the summer months a straw boater was popular for upper class and middle class men.

Working-class men wore a standard newsboy cap or a flat cap. Above - Al Capone - app. The new suit was softer and more flexible in construction than the suits of the previous generation; extra fabric in the shoulder and armscye, light padding, a slightly nipped waist, and fuller sleeves tapered at the wrist resulted in a cut with flattering folds or drapes front and back that enhanced a man's figure. Henry Fonda, mid 30's. The new suit was adopted enthusiastically by Hollywood stars including Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, and Gary Cooper, who became the new fashion trendsetters after the Prince's abdication and exile.

By the early s, Hollywood tailors had exaggerated the drape to the point of caricature, outfitting film noir mobsters and private eyes in suits with heavily padded chests, enormous shoulders, and wide flowing trousers. Musicians and other fashion experimenters adopted the most extreme form of the drape, the zoot suit, with very high waists, pegged trousers, and long coats.

Despite complains that it rode up when you sat down, even the waistcoat was a more comfortable fit. The duke of Windsor wore this. It's a check tweed sport suit, and an incredible piece of work, The hip pockets would appear to be crescent. Above, Sinatra What was happening in the 40's?

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